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Sod Production Services, a division of Riverside Turf, is the official licensing and marketing agent for PremerierPRO Bermudagrass.
Services we provide:
• Research & Development
• Turfgrass licensing for sod production
• Agronomic consulting
• Turfgrass marketing



PremierPRO Bermudagrass was developed by Dr. Milt Engelke, Prof. Emeritus Texas A&M, and Dr. Virginia Lehman, and offers an exception playing surface with benefits backed by science. It is ranked #1 by the University of Arkansas for traffic tolerance, and rated #1 for High Quality Turf Rating in NTEP. The grass produces a fine-bladed, dense turf that recovers quickly from divots and sports-related wear. PremierPRO Bermudagrass is currently available for shipping throughout the United States through sod producers in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states. Current licensed producers are: Turf Connections, Cheraw, SC; Central Sod Farms of Maryland, Centerville, MD; Bass Sod Farm, Gladys, VA; Riverside Turf, Charles City, VA; Quality Turf, Burgaw, NC; Carolina Green Corp., Indian Trail, NC. PremierPRO is marketed through Sod Production Services, a division of Riverside Turf.


Team PremierPRO

Team PremierPRO is a concept built on a foundation of research and maintenance support for PremierPRO Bermudagrass. Marketed by Sod Production Services, a division of Riverside Turf, based in Charles City, Virginia, the Team PremierPRO approach brings together the power of world-recognized researchers, sod producers, superintendents, sports turf managers and athletes whose combined efforts to share information about the grass are mutually beneficial. A portion of royalties produced from the sale of PremierPRO goes to university turfgrass research in the states where the grass is grown.

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